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In the famous southern UK seaside town of Brighton, Brighton & Hove is the major bus operator. The company itself is now a member of the Go-Ahead Group and continues to provide services in Brighton and neighbourhood. Here is just another world of East Lancs, as Brighton & Hove loves its double-deck fleets to be bodied by East Lancs so much!

Brighton & Hove's Scania with East Lancs

This is a Brighton & Hove's Scania bodied by East Lancs.

Brighton & Hove's Scania N113 with East Lancs Cityzen

Brighton & Hove's newer Scannia N113 is with East Lancs Cityzen bodywork.

Arriva's Scania with Plaxton

Brighton & Hove's more recent arrival is the popular Dennis Trident like one in the above. It comes with East Lancs Lolyne bodywork.