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(Note: All photos in THIS SECTION are taken by my dad in Hong Kong. However, permission from me, THE HOST OF THIS SITE, will still be REQUIRED if you intend to reproduce or transmit ANY of the photos by any means.)

On the other side of the globe, Hong Kong is the hub of British made buses in the Far East. There is no doubt that Hong Kong is an absolute fantastic place for a British bus enthusiast to visit.

CTB's Tridents with Alexander ALX500 and Duple

Dennis Trident is now Hong Kong's most popular kind of bus. The one in the front and on the right hand side is with Alexander ALX500 bodywork, while the one behind and on the left hand side is with Duple Metsec bodywork. Both buses are 12 metres in length, 3 axles and owned by Citybus.

CTB's Trident with Duple

Another view of Citybus' 12m Trident with Duple bodywork

CTB's MAN with Plaxton

Here is a Citybus' MAN. Although it is German made but its bodywork is still provided by British Plaxton.

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